This work involved the creation of an economic model for the presentation of the financial state of the main companies in the index FTSE Athex Large Cap during the past three years. At the same time, emphasis was given to the performance of the shares of these companies before and after the imposition of capital controls.









This paper involved the historical graph analysis of indices and exchange rates and is the first paper result of our cooperation with VRS.









Another successful collaboration with the company VRS was implemented with the publication of “International Commodities Prices, Historical Graph Analysis Period 2005 – 2014” which was featured in the Investment Research & Analysis Journal (IRAJ).





In partnership with the firm of research & analysis “Valuation & Research Specialists – VRS”, our club members Christos Anastasiadis, Tzeni Kontogianni and Chryssa Doudesi published their research paper on “Cosco in Greece:The management of Piraeus Port from 1999 to 2012”

Above: Tzeni Kontogianni (AUEBS IFC member), Georgiadis (VRS’s partner) and Christos Anastasiadis (AUEBS IFC member) Below: Copy of the research
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