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–2017 Timeline–

Job Search Workshop

On November 21, our club organized a Job Search Workshop. Ms. Angeliki Panagiotidou, Career Counselor at Career Office AUEB, provided advice on how to build a professional CV and impress in a job interview, while Ms. Maria Angelopoulou, Project Manager at Job-Pairs, made a presentation on the use of social media (especially LinkedIn) towards the enhancement of the professional image of an applicant and analyzed the benefits of mentoring. Finally, the guests commented on CVs that had been submitted by the audience for review.


CFA Program Presentation

On May 23, our club in collaboration with CFA Society Greece organized a presentation of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program. Mr. Dimitrios Karydas, CFA, Head of Deputy CEO at NBG, President of CFA Society Greece and Mr. Ioannis Ritsios, CFA, Head of Discretionary Asset Management at NBG presented the benefits and career potential deriving from the CFA program.


KMPG Career Day

On February 10, our club in collaboration with AUEB MBA and AUEB MBA International organized a career day with KPMG. Ms. Eirini Psimiti, ΚPMG Senior HR Manager, was our main guest.

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–2016 Timeline–

Alumni Experiences: Studying abroad towards a graduate degree

On November 9, several AUEBS’ IFC alumni presented their experiences from studying abroad towards a Masters or Phd degree and about the ways you can prepare yourself for the future. Moreover, we had the pleasure to have the executives of Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center as speakers regarding the graduate admissions process.

Private Equity Funds: Meeting Rea Capital Advisors

On May 26, our club hosted the executives of Rea Capital Advisors, a Greek based PE fund, to present the PE industry in Greece and its characteristics.

Shipping Finance and Private Equity Funds

On May 19, our club organized a guest lecture regarding the financing of the shipping industry and the participation of the private equity funds in the industry. Mrs. Katerina Stathopoulou, Executive Director of Investments & Finance Ltd, and Ms. Natalia Margioli, MD of ICS Branch and Hellenic Management Centre were our main guests.

–2015 Timeline–

Investment Banking Hiring Process Presentation

On Monday 21/12/2015, Nick Konstantakis, a graduate student from the masters in International Finance of HEC Paris, presented  the hiring process for investment banking positions in global investment banks to our members.

Insurance Market in Greece: Challenges & Opportunities

On December 17, our members invited Eleni Vagourdi, Agency Manager of NN Hellas, as a speaker to present the challenges and opportunities of the Greek Insurance Market.

Career Path in Asset and Wealth Management

On December 16, our club had the privilege to host Theodore Krintas, CEO of Attica Wealth Management, as guest speaker to present the steps of following a career path in Asset Management.

Saxobank Seminars

In December 2015, we had the chance to visit Saxobank and attend three seminars on the following topics:

  1. FOREX & Technical Analysis
  2. Stocks & Fundamental Analysis
  3. Options Trading

Participation in the First International Summer School on European identity: “Who are we in Europe?”

Members of our Club participated in the 1st International Summer School on European Identity entitled “Who are we in Europe?” (Challenges and Perspectives of the European Community of Values) organized by the Foundation Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Greece.
The program was attended by Greek and German students and young workers exploring essential European identity issues and how they are treated within the European Union.
In particular, they discussed the challenges of the ongoing debt crisis of the European Union and the strengthening of European integration, the fight against youth unemployment as well as the immigration issue.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Company Presentation

On 21 May 2015 Mrs. Elisa Tsakanika Mrs. Renia Vienna, HR representatives of PwC, presented us the company structure, its scholarships program and informed us about the job opportunities and the hiring process of college graduates in PWC Greece.


CFA and ACCA Presentation

On 20 May 2015, members of the CFA Society Greece informed us about the  professional certification of CFA , and representative of SOEL explained the advantages of completing the ACCA cerfticication in the accounting and business industry.


Career path in Derivatives & Banking

On 19 May 2015, our club hosted a lecture on “Derivatives and Banking” presented by Mr. Gavriil Dimitrios , Head of Derivative Sales of Piraeus Securities S.A

–2014 Timeline–

Guest Lecture Presentation: “Women, Shipping & Entrepreneurship”

As part of our “Guest Lectures” we invited Mrs Bezantakou Danae, Chief Executive Officer  of Navigator Consultants Ltd. to discuss with us about “Women, Shipping & Entrepreneurship”

Workshop in PWC Greece: “Aspire to Lead”

We visited the office of PWC Greece for their workshop “Aspire to lead”, an initiative about Women’s leadership in the modern business world and the building of their leadership brand.

–2013 Timeline–

Entrepreneurship: Insights from someone who breathes Start-ups

Discussion between the entrepreneur  Panagioti Tzello and college students on ”How will a student or alumni be able to progress from the university to the start up arena”.

Guest Lecture on Risk Management in the Banking Sector

In December of 2013, Mr Karidias Konstantinos , Head of the Division of Operational Risk of Eurobank, presented us from his own experience, the field of Risk Management & Banking Supervision.

Recruiting Event: Presentation of Masters in Management by London Business School

In November of 2013, a senior recruiter of LBS, Jamie Wright, presented us the Mim Program offered by the London Business School. In her speech, she noted the importance of participating in student organizations such us our very own finance and investment club.

Chatting with EU Officers

On October 30th 2013, the first Guest Lecture of our club was held with honor guest Mr Giannis Nikos, member of the European Commission, who discussed with our members about the past and the future of E.U., its the challenges  as well as job opportunities in the European Commission.


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