Our emblem, a symbol of the creation and the deeper mentality of our club.

In the center, there is the legendary mermaid, the Medusa’s head, which had the ability to turn into stone whoever dared to look it in the eyes. It’s undoubtedly an Ancient Greek element. The choice of the mermaid is a kind of allegorical gate. Looking Medusa is like looking into yourself in the eyes and putting the greatest effort to overcome your biggest fears. You can either step back or proceed forward in a way that will make you considerably stronger.

At the bottom, the phrase «esse est percipi» is written. The deeper meaning of this expression is that the perception of something, is what really establishes the foundations of its existence. It consists of an element of the philosophy of “plasticity” that describes the world, or in other words it is a basis that highlights the fundamental importance of the power of ideas and analytical thinking in its creation, by providing many different alternative dimensions and perspectives.

Last but not least, the background is dominated by the exciting wheel of luck (rota fortunae). As it is lyrically mentioned in the poem collection Carmina Burana of the 13th century, “Fortune rota volvitur; descendo minoratus; alter in altum tollitur; nimis exaltatus; rex sedet in vertice; caveat ruinam!”

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