“AUEB Students’ Investment and Finance Club” is a non-political and non-profit student initiative, and the first Finance Club amongst Greek Universities. It aims to promote the social dimension of Finance, demonstrate the potential positive impact of investments on society, train and inspire its members on different functions of Finance.
For this purpose we plan and implement innovative activities which are mainly related to:
•Investments and Stock Markets
•The broad universe of finance through activities such as insight days, internships, workshops and involvement in research
•Building a strong network with other European Finance Clubs and maintain a strong alumni base
Last but not least, we emphasize on the cultural fit of our members, in order to ensure the Club’s success, and for this purpose we have established a selection process. Thus, our members are well-rounded and highly motivated individuals with genuine interest in Finance.


If you want to become a member of our community complete this FORM. If you have a relevant background and we feel that you can have a positive impact on our group, you will proceed to the next steps of our process.
Eligible candidate members are:
Any Bachelor student of Athens University of Economics and Business who hasn’t surpassed his/her legitimate years of study n+2, where n is the years of studies as defined by the curriculum of the department.
Recent Graduate students of Athens University of Economics and Business in either Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees.


You can find more information about our members and their interests through our magazine catalogue “Bubble” here.
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